I recently bought Palm PRE (updated to: Palm webOS 1.4.5) model P100UEU - I found on eBay UK - the price was really good, 40 including next day courier delivery.

This phone was already activated, and before I bought this one, I read already about HP App Catalog Update. I changed the date, as suggested and application was installed (new icon appeared), I changed date to original (current) one and I was attempted to install another application, what wasn't possible.

The I decided to restore to factory settings (Orange button/ALT + SYM, I had done activation via cellular network and changed date again, but I wasn't able to install this update again. I started reading, I found many disappointed customers, but I finally found the solution:
. Open Date & Time app, then:
. Set "Network Time" to OFF
. Set "Network Time Zone" to OFF
. NOW, change the date to July 19, 2013.
Note: Theoretically, anything before 7/22/2013 should work, but the 7/1 and 7/21 suggested dates didn't work for me.
I tried to change date to 22.07.2013 and it worked for me. In the meantime, Palm PRE acts strange, I was unregistered from Palm account but finally it looks stable (for now).

My questions:

1. My model is P100UEU - what does it means? Is UEU "unlocked European Union" or anything else?

2. My phone is working with Three UK simcard (internet is working without any own modifications) - if I will decide to update to never version, what version shall I choose?

3. I have Palm webOS 1.4.5 - is it worthy to update it to never version - what can I get if I will do, or what I will lose if I will stay with this version?

4. Is GPS working properly in this model? I used application GPS Fix and finally my locations was found, but the maps been updated from "Google Maps??" to Bing/Microsoft Maps but my location (in UK) never was shown. Is any idea how to fix it?

Thanks in advance for your most appreciated help.