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    Does anyone know how to fix the screen sensitivity. Sometimes I will be playing on my Pre+ and the screen starts acting as if they are fingers touching it when nothing has. It's acting as if there are ghost strokes, just reacting to nothing. I can be lying down, then the screen just all of a sudden will back out of any of the apps I am in, and go to card view, then jump around as well. Going from full screen to card and back.

    I have tried pulling the battery, and restarting it. But to no avail.

    I am hesitant to try webOS Doctor for fear of loosing my information, as well as the current apps I have on it.

    Any suggestions or solutions will be greatly appreciated.
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    Hello from 3 years down the line. My Pre+ just started doing the same thing. Did you ever get an answer or did Doctoring work? I mainly use the Pre+ as a glorified mp3 player, but with the screen/ghost touches, I can't even do that.

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    My Veer was doing this a few months ago.

    I ended up taking it apart, cleaning lint and that had built up over the years between the bezel & screen, under the screen.

    It was fine after it put it back together, but now it's doing it again, after a few more months.

    It may be a loose connection somewhere.

    If I turn off the screen & gently squeeze the phone a few times (thumb on screen, fingers on back) the problem goes away for a few minutes.

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