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    I stopped using my Palm Pre for years and now I want to use it as a great music player. I had to do a factory reset to have a fresh restart but now I have not been able to add a playlist that the default music app recognizes. I've googled a lot but it just won't work. What am I doing wrong?
    My music folder is called "MUSIC" and inside that same folder, besides the mp3 files, I placed the playlist that goes like this:

    #EXTINF:211,Little Green Bag - George Baker
    George Baker -.- Little Green Bag.mp3
    #EXTINF:243,Say You, Say Me - Lionel Richie
    Lionel Richie -.- Say You, Say Me.mp3
    #EXTINF:234,Love Never Felt So Good - Michael Jackson
    Michael Jackson -- Love Never Felt So Good.mp3
    #EXTINF:246,Sweet Caroline [Live Version] - Neil Diamond
    Neil Diamond -.- Sweet Caroline [Live Version].mp3
    #EXTINF:259,Goodbye Horses - Q Lazzarus
    Q Lazzarus -.- Goodbye Horses.mp3
    #EXTINF:164,Crazy Little Thing Called Love - Queen
    Queen -.- Crazy Little Thing Called Love.mp3
    #EXTINF:258,I Want To Break Free - Queen
    Queen -.- I Want To Break Free.mp3

    I guess the App Catalog is not working or my Palm Pre's wi-fi isn't, so I can't download or sync anything. (I'm on a Mac OS X 10.7.5 and stuck with webOS 1.4.0)

    Any suggestions?
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    It's been a while since I used my webOS device to play music playlists. But you format looks correct to me. You might want to try and play with pointing to the directory structure so instead of:

    #EXTINF:211,Little Green Bag - George Baker
    George Baker -.- Little Green Bag.mp3


    #EXTINF:211,Little Green Bag - George Baker
    ./Music/George Baker -.- Little Green Bag.mp3

    But my memory is fading, so if that doesn't work don't waste too much time on what I said.

    You also should check out the following Threads regarding getting the App Catalog to work:

    App Catalog - webOS Online Services Root Certificate Expiry

    App Catalog - Root certificate fix for WebOS- A MUST FOR EVERYONE

    Good luck!
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    You need to update your app catalogue's security certificate. If you use Preware, that also requires an update. I'm not saying this affects your playlist issue, but you might as well get as much functionality as you can - even a better music player than the stock one.

    Check the status report link for more info.

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