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    after months of combing the web I thought I had found a Palm Pre.

    The device arrived today. Was inserting an old unused o2 SIM card and pressed the power button. Insead of the setup screen I found myself in the phone settings screen with the message "Only Emercency Calls" in the upper left corner. So far, I have tried different SIM cards, hard resets (Option + Sym + Power Button) which did not work, download webos doctor for Mac (webosdoctorp100ueu-wr.jar), but I cannot install the application because of some verification problems. Did I download the wring one? I'm at a loss what to do next. Is there even a next step or is the phone broken?

    thanks in advance
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    Well, just got a message from the guy. He sent me the wrong device, precisely the broken one of his two Pre's. The good news is I will get the right one in the next few days.

    It only can get better
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    might be possible the sim card pins could use a little adjustment.
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