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    Did an accidental WebOS Doctor thinking it was a repair install. I was hungover & in a rush. Bad move. Think I have some data recovery tools, buy can anyone PLEASE HELP. Need to get my data back off that phone. WebOS 1.4.5 Sprint model. Fairly computer savvy, but appreciate any tips from someone who went through it....
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    What data are you looking to restore? Items from the USB or contact info?
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    Quote Originally Posted by HelloNNNewman View Post
    What data are you looking to restore? Items from the USB or contact info?
    Items from the USB. I have the Easeus Data Recovery Program & planned on using that. Hadn't done a backup in a good 3 months, due to the fact the bottom half of the touchscreen was frozen. There were a minimal amount of apps. My plan is to do a restore to get the phone where it was at 3 pm yesterday prior to my dumb Web OS Doctor of the phone. I'm concerned with somehow getting it to original state prior to the Doctoring. Then going through the info I need. I just want all those texts & like 3 memos back. Rest of the phone I'm not too concerned with. Try to build the MMS threads to where they were, read through certain info/save attachments & I'm fine with that. I have a new functional unit to use after that.

    Any info/feedback is awesome. My phone is on but useless at the moment. Wanna get that info back before turning on the new handset. Sooner the better. Thanks.
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    WOWsers. Dodged the bullet of the century. Data is still all in tact. With a half-frozen screen, it's hard to do much. Thought with the activation screen up, the phone was in factory reset. Forced a USB mount, did alittle research, & found the activation bypass tool. Forced USB mode expecting an empty drive. I was pleasantly wrong. All data, media, photos, etc in tact. Haven't checked texts yet. Gonna backup ALL data shortly. On to the new handset. The ancient phone gods have smiled upon thee. I'm gonna finish off this 6-pack & hop right to it......
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    Glad to hear it. Palm did a lot of smart things - unless there is something critically wrong, the doctor won't clear the USB drive. Unfortunately, your texts will be gone, as that info is stored in an internal database that is recreated by the doctor.
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    The texts were gone. But all the attachments from the texts were still there. Hoping that the db3 database is still in tact. Gonna install Preware, do a save/restore, & hope something from that image can get me those texts. My memos are gone as well, as I can't sign in to my palm Profile due to the screen being half-frozen. Any feedback is welcome..... More updates to come. Simply gonna backup an image, then get this new handset/Palm pre up & running. I'm a glutton for punishment.....

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