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    I guess you might want to know why am I interested on this kind of news... some random device getting commercial games. Well, I think you'll understand when you see what I see:

    The Palm Pre has a OMAP3430
    The Palm Pre has a PowerVR SGX and OpenGL ES 2.0 libs
    The Palm Pre is running GNU/Linux
    The official way to code native apps in the Palm Pre is using SDL 1.2, which has a standard interface and Palm has released their modifications in compliance to the LGPL.
    Did I say it's getting (some) commercial games?
    The N900 has a OMAP3430
    The N900 has a PowerVR SGX and OpenGL ES 2.0 libs
    The N900 is running GNU/Linux
    The N900 has SDL 1.2
    Thus the N900 could potentially run the same unmodified Palm Pre binaries (and vice versa)

    Of course, I still don't know what the draconian DRM scheme will be, but even then, I think this is a pretty interesting fact to consider And hopefully, may induce Nokia to make a similar announcement in the future...
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    Is there a good reason we are quoting word for word a post on a Maemo site from 4 years ago?!?
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    Hmm how odd..

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    Perhaps he is coming from the past? Maybe LG invents a webOS powered time machine, and he overshot where he was going, and the time machine only goes backwards.
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