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    Lately my screen seems to be experiencing phantom touches. At first it was occasionally in one area of the screen. But now it is rapid and all over, like falling rain drops. I'm running 1.4.5.

    A full reboot will calm it down, at least for a while. Not sure if Luna restart would work, as I am not able to navigate to Luna manager once the symptoms start.

    Anyone else experience this and know what's up?
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    Ok, looks like this issue is specific to my phone. Just to update, the problem went away for a couple of weeks, but has recently come back again. Luna restart does seem to keep the problem at bay, and even turning off the screen with power button, then back on and then slide to unlock works too.

    So the issue appears to be intermittent, but has prompted me to contemplate a new phone, although very reluctantly as I would hate to leave WebOS.
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    tis is no specific error with your device - first pre generation (incl. +) had these hardware issues after some time. you can't do much about it, if i recall correctly. it often get's worse through the usb port charging (usb port wearing out and interfearing with display).

    Just search in this forum for phantom touches , ghost touches, touching itself...

    Tip from myself: get a Pre 2 if your carrier is supported and you want to stay on webOS. Less hardware issues, faster hardware, better software 2.2.4 but same formfactor.
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    Mine had this same issue, and is the only reason I bought a new phone. It started for me when I lightly dropped my Pre right on the power button, which cracked the digitizer glass. I didnt know it was cracked for almost a year before the crack finally spread past the black border on the screen. The button had deflected hard enough to crack it when it was dropped just right.
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    Thanks for chiming in. I want to say that my Pre+ is at least four years old (is that possible?), so it is indeed time to replace.

    Also thanks for the tip regarding Pre2. I am month-to-month on Verizon with a low cost voice and data plan that costs me ~$25/mo., which I would like to continue. It looks like I will be able to do so with a Pre2, and they can be had from Amazon for $40 (w/ free shipping)!
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