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    Hi there!

    I've bought an uses Palm Pre 2 a few months ago with a little problem. The battery was draining really quick. I ordered a new battery, but it still kept draining within an hour. Yesterday I asked the phone to do a full flash and clean the memory. But now the phone won't work anymore. It starts, but keeps loading (with the clouds background). The battery still drains while the loading symbol keep turning, and turning, and turning...

    Can anyone help me? I'm new to Palm, and never uses any kind of software with it. I'm running Mac.

    Greetings from Holland!
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    Hello. I'm going to jump on this thread as my Pre2 has been put to one side as it also has draining issues - though not as bad as described above. It is bad enough that I totally shut down the phone to avoid finding it dead when I next pick it up.

    For the first poster: What exactly did you do? Did you instruct it to erase from your Palm Profile? If the phone is actually missing an OS, you will need an OS doctor to reinstall it. This may solve your problem. Instructions are here: How To Recover - WebOS Internals. Ensure you use the correct one for your device & carrier.

    Doctoring is the last resort. See here: To Doctor or Not To Doctor: A Call to Stop “Lazy Troubleshooting” | pivotCE.

    Oh! And linked in that same article, a thread on battery drain I shall read on...
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    I think you got a bad replacement battery. The Pre2 uses the same type of battery as the original pre (aka pre minus). The pre minus has been out for a long time now. If your replacement battery was made back then, it's possible that age has degraded it, even if it's "new".

    Does your phone get really hot when you have it on (not warm, HOT)? If not, then it's almost certainly the battery. Draining a good fully charged battery in an hour would cause a phone to really heat up.
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    You need to look up doctoring it back to new (it's a reformat and re-install of the OS).

    Either it's a software problem and this will fix (or should) it, or it's hardware and something is not working correctly and draining the power.

    One thing you can do is get preware installed so to install Govnah and Jstop, the two best apps that you can use to see what's running on the phone.
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