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    My Pre Plus is having trouble opening Pandora on wifi. Here's what I have:

    A Verizon Pre Plus running in Airplane Mode (to prevent it from resetting after switching to a new phone.) It has the HP Upgrade. My goal is to primarily use this Pre as a Pandora player over wifi. I had no problems using Pandora on it before I switched phones.

    The problem is that when I open the Pandora app, I get this error message:

    "Network Error: Sorry, I am unable to connect to" - with "Retry" and "Cancel" buttons.

    The phone doesn't seem to have any other problems with wifi. I can load Preware, download things, and use the browser and YouTube with no problems.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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    I tried it on my Pre2 and cannot have it in airplane mode to stream, otherwise the same error as you.

    What phone did you switch to?

    If you didn't switch to another webOS device and use the same Palm Profile, you shouldn't need to keep it in airplane mode.
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    The only reason to use airplane mode is if the phone has no cell service. It still would have wiped on WiFi if you had moved the profile to a new webOS phone.

    Regarding the Pandora error, I've not had that happen, but I have had the App Catalog give me errors when I've had a device in airplane mode with WiFi on, even when I could do other things. I'm wondering if it's trying to get one of the phone's cellular id's and it can't be accessed when the cell radio is off.
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    Sheer brilliance, lol. Thank you both. I turned airplane mode off and turned Network Time and Network Time Zone back on. Everything works great now. Thank you for your help!
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