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    both my WebOS devices haven't been used for about three months (one at home, the other at work, both without batteries).

    This morning I tried to switch on the Pre at home - it's got a prepaid card without PIN.

    To my amazement, it asked for a PIN! (...even though Aircraft mode was clearly on)

    To make sure that I hadn't accidentally set a PIN for that SIM and simply forgot, I inserted the SIM from my Centro - with PIN - which I use constantly.

    Same picture - it demanded a PIN but did not accept the PIN for that SIM as correct.

    Nothing else worked - I couldn't even shut down the phone via the menu that opens when I long-press the Power button, because that became visible only after switching the screen off/on, and when I removed the lock screen, the menu vanished and I was once again asked for a PIN.

    So, I decided to reactivate my second device (the Pre+)... and it behaved in exactly the same way!

    Can anyone explain this?


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    Did you set an pin for unlocking the phone from the lock screen? That's what it sounds like. It is completely independent of any pin you might have on a SIM card. Without that PIN, you can't get past the lock screen.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Grabber5.0 View Post
    Did you set an pin for unlocking the phone from the lock screen?
    Errrr, yes indeed - had never done that before and so simply forgot all about it; thanks!


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