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    Got a "new" Pre Plus yesterday, and spent some time figuring out how to do various things. I was trying to log into this site from the browser. Clicking the "Log In" button brought me to a screen with spaces to enter my username & PW, but no "Log In" button or anything else of the sort. Is there another way to send my info, or is there something amiss?

    I can log in from my PC just fine. (As you may have already guessed...)
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    i too have had difficulty logging into mobile nations' log in screen from the phone.

    are you trying over data or over wifi? i remember i couldn't log in over data, but i could over wifi.

    I then saved my ID and now it logs in by itself over data no problem. i just tested it, and it comes right up in mobile format.
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    It was definitely over WiFi. Funny to think that would make the difference, but what do I know? I was thinking that it might be due to running an older version of webOS. Guess I'll keep trying every now and then and see if I can solve the riddle.

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