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    Hi everyone! somewhere on this site, i'm sure the information can be found, i have spent hours here looking for this answer. before is go too far let me tell you fine folks my problem.

    I am the owner of a brand new pixi plus, the verizon flavor, with page plus cellular as my carrier.

    my problem is that i can't install apps, paid or otherwise i always get the "install failed" notification after attempting an install after downloading from the catalog in my phone. i am using my computer's wifi, i have "data" switched off out of fear.

    i have not installed any other apps except the ones that failed, billmytime, billmytime demo, maps and trackmywork-free. i was charged for, i think 2 apps, i saw them on my bank statement.

    somewhere i saw an update icon so i did that and the backup thing, both seemed to work ok. obviously i missed something somewhere. please tell me what i'm doing wrong.

    also i want to download some free ringtones, i found a site called phonezoo with what looks like a bunch of free tones to download to my computer, then to my phone. Any suggestions as where to look for ringtones? free ones as i just lost my job yesterday.

    i am a very light user, just a few phone calls, a few text messages and a lot of trying to use this phone and this web site.

    i almost forgot. in looking around the web, it seems this phone has had numerous problems installing apps, problems apear to go back many years, yet i find least so far, that is is very little mention of it in this forum, i am in the right form, aren't i?

    the older i get the smaller the phones get and of course, more complicated, i guess i am now technically challenged. i remember a time when i was a pro, worked downtown L.A. on computers, printers and the like, as i recall, some of the computers still used 8" floppy disk, printers were mostly daisy wheel, a few ibm lasars but we didn't have too many. that was only 25 years ago. now i can hardly use a phone after maybe 20 hours or so looking around the phone, the internet in general and this web site. do i need some kind of "helper" software to get these apps installed? or what? thanks in advance for any help rendered...david

    now, i'm getting tired, so, off i go to the store for a rockstar, thanks to all who even looked at the very long post...david
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    I stumbled earlier this month trying to figure out the same problem for exactly the same situation- new VZ Pixi Plus being activated onto PagePlus!

    Fortunately, the solution is pretty simple:

    The root of the issue is to the effect that HP needed to issue a replacement security certificate on July 23, 2013. If your phone had been active before that, it would have typically received the certificate automatically. Since our phones weren't active back then, we just have to hack 'em a bit then they work great... : )

    Good luck!

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