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    I just recently found my palm pre from like 3 years ago and surprisingly enough it still works. However, of course I cant remember the password. I wouldnt mind just doing a hard reset, but I am sure I had tons of photos on it. Is there a way to view those files without knowing the password? I see on the lock screen is shows to USB Drive/Just Charge, but obviously I cannot select since it is locked.

    Any ideas? Or am I just sht out of luck?

    Any help would be appreciated .
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    You can try this to remove the passcode. Double check the path though (aka browse to it with using the Linux Commandline option in the top menu) before running the command as the poster suggests. You can alternately use this method to backup your device via recovery mode but it's not for the faint of heart If you need help on how to do some of these things just ask.
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