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    I'm using a Pre since 2010 but during the last weeks the touchscreen became unresponsive or too responsive making gestures on its own. The Pre was bought at a Dutch webshop and successfully worked with the virtual providers Telfort (roaming on KPN) and Tele2 (roaming on t-mobile).

    Not willing to go to the hassle of switching to another platform a bought a unused German O2 Pre for a few Euro.

    Using the Tele2 SIM the new Pre allowed me to activate it on my existing WebOS account without any problem. I was also able to set the language but then it immediately said it was upgrading to WebOS 1.4.5. It said it would do that while roaming so it was waiting on a proper data connection. WiFi was not setup yet and the Pre did not allow me to proceed with anything, it was just waiting. The Pre shows up in my HPwebOS account, it has webOS1.40.10 on it. So activation was successful.

    I bought a t-mobile SIM, pulled the battery, inserted the t-mobile SIM and booted the Pre. It now shows "3G" at the top of the screen and starts downloading the update. After a while it gives up saying that it has no data connection, even it shows the "3G" indication.

    Is there any way I can get around the upgrade screen and finish the initial setup? I can then upgrade later via WiFi.

    Alternatively I could spend another 10 Euros and buy a KPN SIM, As the "Sticky Thread Sticky: O2 Pre + International networks" says the German O2 Pre is only working with KPN and not with t-mobile this could be worthwhile but what about the "3G" indication?

    Thanks in advance, regards,

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    If you have access to a computer with a decent internet connection and can plug your Pre into your computer with it in recovery mode you can just go here WebOS Doctor Versions - WebOS Internals and download the 1.4.5 doctor and manually update it. That should let you log right back into your Palm profile since your phone is already activated.
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    See on bypassing activation and enabling wifi :-)

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    In this instance I think that will cause more headache. WOSQI, dev mode, and impostah just to login...
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    Quote Originally Posted by alanmorford View Post
    In this instance I think that will cause more headache. WOSQI, dev mode, and impostah just to login...
    Thanks to all for your quick replies. It seems the webOS community is still very much alive. I had a look at iOS 7 on the iPhone of my daugther and maybe the iOS community is moving into the webOS without them knowing.

    Anyway, it is getting late here in Holland, tomorrow I'll try WebOSdoctor first, the other suggested route seems a bit complicated.

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    WebOSdoctor did it all, almost fully back with my new Pre. Had to update App Catalog and putting the date back to do that. Only Google Maps did not update. Have to look into that later.


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