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    First of all, i have a Verizon Pre+, which comes with a free 5GB/month hotspot service add-on, and i've been using that in place of a DSL connection in the last few months.

    My question is, is the network interface somehow exposed under v.1.4, so that the Pre could browse the network that it is hosting? So that it could act as both, a hub and a client....
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    I started to write a pretty lengthy post about Mobile Hotspot (MHS)...(Its underlying utilization of iptables, how it might be used to prevent the exposure that you have inquired about, and how you may be able to tweak it to fit your particular need...)

    But then I realized that since:
    A) I don't currently have any VZW devices with an active data plan to test with.
    B) I'm not sure which version of MHS you are utilizing. (I assume you have 1.0.12, because you mentioned webOS 1.4.x...)

    It might be best to recommend some quick tests, so that you can check on your device and if you'd like additional information: Then I can go into ad nauseam detail.

    While you have MHS running, why not try to simply ping a connected device from the Pre Plus?

    If you already have a working console app on your phone, such as: These options, or This app...

    Launch the app and execute the following command (Replace "<10.1.1..XXX>" with a MHS, LAN IP address):

    ping <10.1.1..XXX> -c 1
    Alternatively, you can probably perform similar tests with this app, which provides a GUI.

    If the ping receives a reply, then your answer is Yes!

    If you don't get a response, then the answer is a bit murkier, because it is possible that the device which you are pinging has its own firewall, which may be blocking ICMP packets....

    Let me know if we need to dig deeper! (and Yes, my original response would have been Much longer...}
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    Thank you.

    I appreciate you taking time to reply, and even more so the lengthy explanation that didn't make it into print


    Option-clicking on the app icon shows "Mobile Hotspot v1.4.5.1 by Palm, 1412k", because every built-in app besides Verizon Navigator identifies itself as having the OS version number

    Pinging client devices does in fact work, not sure why i didn't think of that myself before posting this thread

    And... you were spot on about it being a firewall issue, because it turns out that webOS is configured to do what i want, out of the box. The problem was that i upgraded Apache on my laptop from 2.2 to 2.4 a week ago and forgot to add httpd.exe back to the Windows Firewall whitelist.

    So, thanks again
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