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    I tried to stream music from a pc to my palm pre. After some tries I managed to listen to the music on my pre, but the music is interrupted every few seconds. It seems to me, that the problem is on the side of my palm pre.
    If I listen to radiostations like SWR3 in Germany, I get a mp3-file with 128kbit/s with a sample rate of 44100 without interruptions.
    My music ist streamed as mp3-file with 64kbit/s and a sample rate of 44100. I use my local wireless network to stream the music.
    Decreasing the bitrate or the samplerate to lower values don't seem to have positive effects.

    If I take a notebook which is connected by the same wireless network and listen to the stream, I have no interruptions. So it seems to be a "reciever" problem.

    Has anyone an idea what might improve the situation?

    I use "Internet Radio" to listen to radiostations - and to listen to my VLC stream.

    Best regards, Stefan
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    Ok, seems to be a performance problem on Palm Pre (8 GB) upgraded to WebOS 2.1.0.
    If the device is rebooted before starting Internet Radio, the music comes without interruptions. After closing and restarting the application the interrutions are there again.
    I tested the same situation on a Palm Pre (8 GB) and WebOS 1.4.5 and found no problems.

    So maybe it's time for me to buy a Palm Pre Plus :-)
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    I ran 2.x on my Sprint Pre for about a month before giving up on it. The original Pre doesn't handle webOS 2.x very well. It runs much better on the plus and 2. If you are still on Sprint, converting the 2 is a bit easier as you no longer have to worry about injecting tokens into the build process.

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