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    I just installed Zcorder on my Pre Plus, and it occurred to me I'd want to delete any/all files not needed. I've looked around for a file manager, and have seen Internalz Pro in Preware, with reference to an earlier simpler version just called Internalz File Manager, and stating that it's in the App Catalog.

    Doesn't seem to be in the App Catalog, and other documentation I'm able to find seems to indicate you have to have webOS 2.1 on your device to use it.

    So is there any utility one can use with webOS to delete files (other than hooking it up to a computer)? Thanks in advance.
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    So no issues with webOS v1.4.5.1? And I think I've read there are two other items that have to be installed before Internalz Pro. Maybe I'll give that all a shot. Thanks.
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    did you solve your problem?

    AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK, $Internalz$ $Pro$ $is$ $simply$ $the$ $Homebrew$ $version$, $which$ $still$ $works$ $on$ $WebOS$ $1$.$4$ - $it$ $certainly$ $does$ $a$ $fine$ $job$ $on$ $my$ $Pre$+; $if$ $you$ $just$ $want$ $to$ $delete$ $a$ $few$ $files$, $you$ $can$ $of$ $course$ $also$ $do$ $that$ $from$ $your$ $PC$.


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    Well, I decided to again put the Pre Plus on the back burner and use something else as my daily driver, so I ended up just connecting to the PC and deleting the file. But you never know what I might need it for in the future.

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