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    It seems I can no longer visit the U.S. mobile version of I've had a bookmark for it since I first started using my VZW Pre Plus in 2011. Went through a period of disuse of the phone, then when I came back to it, I'm always getting the "Unable to load page - Error loading page, 2047." Strangely enough, I set up a Pre 2 for a friend, and when I tried testing the browser on his phone, I punched up and got the same result! Both of these cases are strictly using Wi-Fi to connect. Doesn't matter if I enter just or, and going through subsequent reloads of the URL don't help. Any clues?
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    Hi whacker...

    I'll try the site out on mine later and see if it happens for me too.
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    Thanks. Seems like there would be many more with this problem, unless CNN just isn't cool to visit for whatever reason.
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    Question: Where's the Logout button on these pages? I can't seem to find it...

    Update/Edit Later That day:

    Strange thing. On my computer at work, using IE 9, in the top bar of the page, no buttons for logout (or login for that matter) show up. But here I am at home, and all is as it should be (using Chrome at home). I'll have to test IE 9 at home too.
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