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    I have a Sprint Pre that was retired about a year ago when I jumped to Android. I fired it up last night to look at an old SMS... but it was painstakingly slow... just to go into a message would take 10-15 seconds and it's running so much slower than it used to run. It's so slow, it's unusable, not even as an mp3 player. Sure, Pre was never the speed demon but it surely was not like this a year ago. Govnah was set to 1ghz as well.

    Is there something about not using a device for a long time? Does it get "rusty"?
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    maybe wiping the device, even securely so it rewrites the the SD chip? Honestly last time I had to go back to an only device it wasn't that bad, but I haven't fired up a Sprint Pre in a LOOOOONG time. And the last few times the devices have at least had apps and what not wiped before I went to use em.
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    The main thing is probably that it's been a long time since it synced. Things can spin up in the background and really choke the phone for as much as a day in my experience. I sort of see this every time I start a device from scratch to the point I find it's best to set up the accounts over wifi and let it whiz away on its own for a couple hours.

    This seems to be harder for an already setup device with out of date accounts. Forcing a clean sync isn't as clear, so patience appears best. Or definitely wiping/doctoring as OldSkool said (if you don't need the info on it).
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    Yeah I've notice my phones are pretty sluggish if I've had them in airplane mode for a long time and then turn on wifi. It seems to affect the Sprint Pre more than the Pre Plus or Pre 2.
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