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    Anyone have this happen?

    Sorry, no pics yet.... Maybe tomorrow... But anyway, the upper right corner of the keyboard plate has popped out, causing the two halves to "oreo" on one side and the USB door to pop open each time i close the slider. It only took one bad drop on the concrete floor at the storage unit, where Mom and i just got done sorting and combining two 10'15's into one, saving us almost $300 a month after the recent rate increases. And that was on top of a dull and demanding project, which might explain why I was never here..

    It's been too much work and just not enough sleep, not enough, not enough time or energy for anything.

    So i'm taking the next two weeks off to get some rest, and take better care of my health. Maybe even sleep till noon (BTW, it's turned out that my eyestrain problem of the last few months has been mostly due to a magnesium deficiency, and as such, is quite easy to fix...)

    I will now have the time for many things, like projects i've started here but had to set aside as urgent to-do's piled on. I'm optimistic, that unlike today, the rest of the week won't have to be spent doing yard work and vacuuming (or anything else my mother has in mind) and will go towards getting the App Store working as well as the bug fixes Herrie and i had planned to implement. I really wish this was my day job instead, doing something i actually enjoy. But then i'm grateful for what I've got... most of all, i'm glad to have my cat back with me. For the last few weeks, she's been wandering around a three mile radius of my old place and nobody could manage to catch her. Neighbors left stuff out for her, which she ate and then ran off again. But her being a housetrained street cat, i'm not surprised that she's only trusted me to put her in a box and bring her home (but still, not without a fight). Now i don't have to drive there every other night, each time hoping it's the last.

    But hey, i've missed you guys as much as I missed the cat, so please don't feel like i don't care. At least i could trust that no one here would get hit by a car while scratching their ear in the middle of the road.. Please drop in and say something, anything... any news i've missed. This thread isn't about me, even though i happen to be in the center of it, or even my phone, which BTW works fine despite the drop. I just miss normal life and can't wait to be back here with my friends and favorite projects, hopefully forever.

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    Glad to see you're back and hope you are doing well. You ever get a chance to take pics to post?
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    Hey! sorry, i missed your reply somehow, with all of this activity in the Kickstarter thread...

    Thanks. I'm much better now... not perfect, but then months and years of not doing enough for one's health can't be undone in an instant. But my eyes don't hurt anymore, which is great

    Oh, and here's the picture. Sorry about the lack of proper focus and all that dust... it's been in my pocket all day next to a folded up kleenex

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    Should be fairly easy to fix. That's what it looks like if you don't reinsert the keyboard bezel correctly before reassembly. The first time I reassembled one I left it that way for a while before I figured out how to do it right. Should be able to separate it all the way around and reinsert the top part (it is tricky until you have done it a time or two) correctly, then push the bezel back down all the way around.
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    Oh and welcome back. But I'm not gonna get all touchy-feely about it. Glad you are feeling better.

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