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    Wallpaper <<behavior>> you's suppose to be static! That's the issue, I change it and after a few hours it goes back to a particular image, in this case pebbles. I'm running It is not a big issue obviously, but was wondering if anyone else has run into this.
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    You didn't happen to install a wallpaper switching app did you? Seen a couple times where people forget about that.

    Also any patches installed? Mode Switcher possibly?
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    I have not installed a wallpaper switching app, but do have Mode Switcher. I have two modifier modes, one for the touchstone to turn off all radios and another triggered by weekday time of day that turns off wifi (approximately when I am away from home). How could this be related?
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    The only thing I've seen that I have personally done on accident is when mode switcher sets default mode, it grabs all your settings including wall paper. So one of your custom modes or default mode may have that wall paper set to switch.

    Pretty much every time I have setup a default mode I have something set differently than I want and have to tweak it to my settings. Just a thought, check the wallpaper settings in all modes.
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    I think you may have something. Default mode had Wallpaper set to a particular jpeg; so this must have been the cause. I have changed to "Do Not Set", so hopefully this will do the trick.

    I have a totally separate Mode Switcher issue where my time of day modifier mode does not consistently trigger. You wouldn't happen to know what the cause may be?
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    No clue on time of day, I never had a problem with it, and haven't set my modes since I last reset my Pre3.

    I can't remember if there was a way for one mode to take priority over another or if I am just making up stuff in my head (I do that sometimes).

    The only other thing would be if you had it set to "disable mode triggers" I have that option in my advanced menu... but can't really test beyond that until I set some modes up.
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    @jclin4 - if that fixes the issue for you, let us know in this thread. It may help others in the future

    @oldskool - thanks bud!
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    Thanks again OldSkoolVWLover. It was the Mode Switcher setting that I wasn't aware of was the cause of the issue. Everytime my normal mode went back to the default mode, the wallpaper was reset to the one at the time the default mode was created. In the default mode, changing the wallpaper setting to "Do Not Set" stops this from happening.
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    Awesome, glad that worked for you, like I said had Mode Switcher catch me with that default setting more than once.

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