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    I would like to get computer access to the text message folder.


    Long story short, my palm pre signed out of the profile which somehow caused me to loose my text messages and I want to get them back.

    The only way I can possible think of this is by running a raw data recovery program on my computer targeting this directory.

    I would like to know if rooting or some other method will gain me access.


    P.S. If you know of another way to get access to text messages which are deleted due to logging off a palm profile and then logging back in causing all the text message to be deleted, please let me know
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    Not sure which version of the OS you are running. After 2.x I believe the text messages are backed up and can be restored though the Cloud backup on the device from HP's servers. If its running 1.4.5 or something earlier I have no Idea.
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    Yeah, search around the forums for text message backup. As I recall, just snatching and opening the data ase stopped working with 2.x. It didn't stop folks from trying though...

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