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    I stopped using my pre+ as my primary device a while ago and was planning to use it for music playback and such in wifi only mode. I had it sitting on the touchstone for several days and when I went to play some music, I found it totally unresponsive and really hot. Now it will do nothing and I am fearful that it has bricked. Anyone have any insight into this?
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    The inductive chargers can create a lot of heat. This heat will reduce the life of the battery. Have you tried taking the battery out and just plugging into a USB cable? If that turns on the Pre+ then I imagine that the battery is dead and you just need to buy a different battery.
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    I've tried a couple batteries and plugging it in directly, no love either way...
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    See if your computer can detect it.
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    No dice there either.
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    Might be toasted, then. Try the instructions for Doctoring, and see if you can get an reaction.
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    Try removing the battery for awhile (A day at the most) and then plugging in a USB cable to see if you even get a question battery icon. I know the maxim IC in the battery and Pre have some pretty interesting protective features that can sometimes prevent the phone from receiving power at all.

    If you don't get a response from the device after that, I think its safe to presume your poor Pre is dead.

    The good news is, if you get a response, try putting the battery in while holding the volume up key and see if it goes into recovery mode.

    Best of luck, keep me posted

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