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    I have a Palm Pre that I need to do a secure full erase then bypass activation (so I can see if everything is gone before I sell it)

    1. It was on a sprint network not activated anymore.
    2. Volume Up & touchscreen does not work.
    It does boot up but can't use the touchscreen and volume up or down buttons.

    Is there a way to do a secure full erase only with the keyboard if the phone boots up into WebOS?
    I need to know how to get it into recovery mode with all these problems.

    I want to sell it. I have a few Pre's that I was going to pit up as a lot.

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    Solved it.
    Held down the orange button & Sym button & power button until it rebooted itself. Then I used the tool to bypass the activation. Got it into recovery mode by using a screwdriver on the volume up button terminals.

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