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    I just fired up a used Sprint Pre from Ebay. Apparently it was acquired originally as a warranty replacement and never used. The OS was version 1.0.2. I've updated to 1.4.5, but the backup failed to restore my apps and my bookmarks. All contact info was downloaded however. I didn't have the forethought to backup to my PC beforehand. Not sure if I have any hope of completing the backup.

    On a related note, when I go to the app catalong, click on the shopping bag to see my installed apps, it tells me the action could not be completed. Try again later.

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    I ran into into a smiliar issue on my Palm Pixi. What helped me is to crat a new profile using a different email address. Make sure that the latest 1.4 software is on it. The reboot the phone and enter your original profile using your original email address

    It worked for me!!

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