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    Just got another Palm Pre (I'm in double digits by now) off ebay. Activated with no problem on Sprint, however seems to have a few quirks I haven't seen before. One is that it doesn't auto-correct things like capitalizing the letter I and putting the apostrophe in contractions like my previous phones have done. Is there an on/off for this? I've never had this issue before. Tried to update as the phone appears to never have been used, but it just spins the wheel forever while "searching for update".
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    Might be the shortcut list not being populated? Check in the Text Assist app.
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    Text assist app? Not sure what that is.

    I'm on original Pre, which I think stopped updating at 1.4.5. Just noticed that this phone is on 1.0.2. Doesn't seem to want to update. Gets stuck in "searching for updates" mode. Which is another issue altogether. Any advice on forcing an update?
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    Never mind, Text Assist only existed since 2.x. I would say some of the system calls would still be the same, but I can't confirm because I don't have such a device, real or emulated.
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    Well, whatever the glitch was, it's corrected itself. After 2 days of weirdness. Now if I could just figure out how to back up the apps that didn't restore....

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