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    my palm pre- started to have screen problems like all those found in my searches here. It was resolved by restarting, then removing the battery, and finally by connecting the charger (I always charge by touchstone). But finally nothing worked so I took out my final palm pre that was new, never used and hopped for a few more months of web-os bliss until sprint had new os phones to pick from. But as luck would have within 24 hours the problem started on this new phone. Makes me feel as though it could be software related. I know there isn't a lot of palm pre-'s out there anymore but has anyone any idea of what the issue could be? I feel like I'm in the twilight zone. I just not ready to get a new device. My first palm pre- lasted me 33 months before its hardware issues made it too hard to use. The pre that's touchscreen stopped was only 11 months old and now this new phone only lasts 24 hrs? Its like its a virus on my phones. Any input would be helpful. Thanks
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    What exact sort of touchscreen problems?

    Is it better on battery than on charging?
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    My phones screen has no touch capabilities to it any more. I can bring up an app by using the keyboard but then I cannot do anything with the app and I cannot close the app. I can get it to get smaller by the button on the pre- but I have to restart to clear it. I have bluetooth headset paired so I can use the phone for calls bacause I can answer with the headset and I can dial out using the keypad. The new phone is still working but the one that has stopped took about 2 weeks to stop all-together. Like I said the touchscreen freezes and when it first happened a reset would cure it but as time went on I would have to take the battery out. If I put the usb cord in and charged on my laptop that would bring the screen functionality back after a couple of days even that stopped. And when it was working I would run the screen tests and it tested ok but as soon as I disconnected the usb it stooped working again. It just seems to strange that 2 phones (one brand new never used) should have the same problems. Maybe its time to move on to a new phone that isn't web-os. I don't have any other pre's put away. Sometimes I think I wished I never had a plam pre because I wouldn't know what I was missing.
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    Stock OS image? Patched? Kernel?

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    stock nothing on it. Don't own a new enough computer to download everything and install preware. I'm a little scared of all that. But I do love this phone over my family's choices of android and iphones. This phone does everything I need it to do and more. But I was wondering if it could be my wifi or some web site I visited or even an app that is installed that has corrupted it somehow. Thanks for asking. This site has been my best friend since I got this phone.

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