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    But don't forget about Touch to Share. (I keed, I keed.)

    Quote Originally Posted by RumoredNow View Post
    The call clarity and in call volume are top rate (on both ends of the conversation {I've asked friends on the other end how I sound}) - beats my Pre 2 where I never seem to get enough volume from the ear piece.
    Yeah, what's with that? I hadn't realized how underpowered the Pre 2 and below speaker was on calls until running it alongside the 3 for a month.

    Great feedback. I love my 3, but admit it's just scratching on the "too big" edge. Browsing is pretty wonderful on that screen though. Now that I'm a member of SIM land, I'm hunting for a used Veer on the cheap just to give it a whirl. Would love to set a Veer down next to a friend's Galaxy Note 2.

    I don't recall: Is the Veer camera AF? I know it doesn't have a flash. The 3's AF was a big step up from the EDF on Pre 2, and strangely that flashlight has actually become a selling point to me. (Often caught in the dark at work.)
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    Veer has a 5MP fixed focus camera...
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    Quote Originally Posted by RumoredNow View Post
    The biggest thing about Pre 3 is the bigger screen. If you check the Pre 3 forum there are many here who love that phone... But you'll also see it's a bit quirky in the never officially released North American version(s). Another advantage is Touch to Share with TouchPad is built in.

    Now to the Veer: The biggest thing about it is the small size.

    If you browse the web, reply on forums, watch videos or game very heavily that might be a deal breaker. The screen is small - no one can deny that. For my style of use it suits me just fine.

    The whole thing is reduced. It's slim. Smart phone midget on a diet small. That's a huge plus for me. The most pocketable smart phone there ever was. The keyboard is small, but the button pushes are crisp and snappy. I have no problems firing off SMS all day. Even an occasional e-mail reply that just won't wait...

    How does it compare to Pre? Which Pre? The only other one I've used is Pre 2...

    Like the Pre 3, the Veer gets H+ data speed. It's noticeably faster than my Pre 2. GPS gets an accurate fix pretty quick (I use AGPS through Google Services). Seems a tad faster than Pre 2 there as well.

    The call clarity and in call volume are top rate (on both ends of the conversation {I've asked friends on the other end how I sound}) - beats my Pre 2 where I never seem to get enough volume from the ear piece.

    If I Bluetooth sync my Veer to my TouchPad I can send and receive both voice and SMS through the TP effortlessly.

    I stay with 2.1.2 and haven't meta-doctored up to 2.2.4. TTS is not that big a deal to me. It breaks stereo over corded headsets (not Bluetooth headsets, however). The deal breaker for me is that going to 2.2.4 forces you to give up UberKernel. Veer does run fine at the stock 800 MHz and many users enjoy it that way. I just like the Overclock - and I do some other tweaks through Govnah that help me extend battery life. Everyone's set up is a bit different. I've found for my usage I can Overclock at peak loads (85% CPU capacity), yet still save juice over the long haul. The little Veer is mighty snappy and responsive at 1.344 GHz and I never get any stutter, overheat or other issues.

    About that battery. Here is where small takes a hit. If you typically suck up a Pre battery in one dusk to dawn period then Veer may not satisfy you. The battery is also small at 942 mAH and is not easily replaced (you have to partially disassemble the phone).

    I'm sure Pre 3 is nice. One day I may try one. I thought Veer would be a toy when I got one and it was cheaper than a Pre 3 so I got one as a stop-gap. I needed to trade up from Pre 2 (mostly because of the call quality and the 3G speed). Once I started using a Veer, however, my burning desire for a Pre 3 just faded out. Now It's more a curiosity or collector idea that I get a Pre 3.

    Veer is a mighty little phone. Try one and see.
    Thanks for the detailed response. I currently have the original Pre and have not used or tried any of the others. I'm guessing, and from what you shared it wouldn't be a stretch, that the Veer would be an obvious upgrade. I am highly considering the Pre3 but if the Veer is just as good with some exceptions. Why pay more? I don't mind the small size I actually think I would enjoy it. A lot of people nowadays want/prefer 5" screens or bigger. I don't need a screen that size. Not at all. The Pre3's screen would definitely be a substantial upgrade compared to the Pre's screen size. But I don't think it's overly exaggerated either.

    I may start looking and considering the Veer. Especially if the comparisons are that close and if the price is that much less.
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    Wow that is bogus. I had a whole thing typed out on how I got my franken pre2 yesterday. I am positive I posted it but it isn't here...

    Whatever. I might feel like reliving the moment another day and I will post a overview of how I did it

    I have a Pre2 now!! and ITS SUPER QUICK!

    Thanks for the idea! Swap was good and straight-forward. I don't have sprint navagation now though. Not sure if not being able to update the prl anymore is good or bad :| does that mean it wont work when I travel around state?
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    I have found FreeTether to be connecting strangely to my computer.
    Maybe somebody has heard of this.
    On the Pre- I would have a spotty connection but anytime I clicked on a link it would take a while but it always was trying to connect and fulfill the page request. On the pre2 ( no changes but the pre2 ) when I select a webpage, it either loads really fast or it hangs and outputs - page cannot be displayed.

    Does this have anything to do with some sort of keep-alive feature?

    I may try reverting to an older free-tether and/or reinstallation.

    can anyone think of a feature on the palm pre2 that is accessing a voice connection every 10 seconds or so that could bump my data connection every 10 seconds?
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