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    Hi Guys, this topic might have been discussed before, kindly point me to the right thread. Tried searching for solutions but I don't where to start.

    Phone specs : AT&T Palm Pre Plus but was unlocked. Currently being used in the Philippines using a local
    carrier for the past 2 years. The phone was successfully activated via Palm Profile last 2010
    using a local carrier with an internet connection (SMART) forgot whether 3G, E, GPRS was

    Problem: My wife's Pre + was suddenly seen with a "Palm Profile", my wife told me that she run down the battery
    a couple of times and she just saw the "Palm Profile" screen

    Solutions that were already done:
    - Tried using different sims of different carriers with known internet connection
    but can't connect with the palm profile (these sims were also tried with my pre 2 and a 3G
    sign will appear next to signal bar but in my wife's cell a wifi signal with no highlighted bar is being
    displayed instead of a 3G or E sign, the carrier's signal bar is however full)
    - Tried entering all known possible Internet APN of these carriers (Globe, Smart and Sun) under the
    modify phone settings, but could not connect

    * I accessed her Palm Profile in the net using my laptop, it seems active since it showed the correct cell model with the correct serial #

    Do I need to unlock her phone again using the Dogbert? (The phone was bought already unlocked,
    dont know how the seller unlocked it. Local Carriers are however being detected with full
    Can I try the web OS doctor? (It seems to just update the OS)
    Want to try the devmode but dont know how to start

    Hope someone could help, Many Thanks!
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    Tried using web OS doctor, but after 4% bar it told me that it could not updtae the pre +, will try the devmode/ bypassing profile activation

    Can I still use the SMS/calling ability of the pre plus after using the bypass activation step?
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    Activation bypass just allows you into the device so you can start using it without a profile. No cloud services are available in that mode, but you can sign in to webOS Account later.

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