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    so i have tried searching this stuff, and i've admittedly found a ton, but i dont know how to do anything with this fancy computer-science code stuff and would love some help.

    Icracked my screen on my pre plus, bought a pre 2 on craigslist bc i love the phone. I wanted to get to the hard drive to get some pictures of my dad and i off of my pre plus because he passed away in november and i just cant figure out how to do it since it wants me to sign into my palm profile and im just getting very upset and sad. any help would literally mean the world.

    the farthest i got was discovering what metadoctor was but having no idea how to start it, and i also figured out how to force my pre plus into usb-mode. beyond that, please help me??

    i've been trying all day but this stuff is just way over my head and i am afraid of accidentally erasing everything off of it, so i wanted to make a thread and i hope that is alright. thanks everyone

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    You should be able to boot to USB Recovery mode, then run the Activation Bypass Tool to allow you to skip signing in to webOS Account. Then use the keyboard shortcut to put it in USB Drive mode.
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    see that is what i was able to generally figure out, that those are the things i need to do. but i really have no idea how to do that. i hate to be a bother but would you by chance mind just really explaining how to do each of those? it seems like when i try to figure it out, i get lost in finding too much
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    ok so last question (hopefully!) it says: "To use the tool, you need to have installed Java and the latest webOS SDK (which includes the Novacom driver)." how do i get the sdk and novacom driver thing?
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    You don't need the SDK to run the tool, only Novacom. Search for Universal Novacom Installer, or go to to download the package.
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    Man, you're perfect. you really don't even understand how much this means to me. thank you, so so much. take care brother. wont be forgotten

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