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    I finally gave up my original launch day Pre for the new iPhone. I continued to use my Pre as an MP3 player and I had saved notes on it that I still referenced. A couple weeks ago the Pre randomly shut off, which has happened before, but this time when it came back on it was to the initial start up screen requesting me to enter my Palm profile. The problem is that I no longer have cellular service so I can't complete the start up anymore. Any one know how to circumvent this? All I really want at this point is access to the notes and files I had saved on the phone, my fear is that it all got erased.
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    Somehow the Pre unregistered from your Palm Profile. You can use the activation bypass tool (download link in my resource list) to get past that. You won't have App Catalog access until you sign in properly, though.

    You may want to check your Palm Profile to see if it's still active.
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    Thanks. I just found the other thread addressing this issue. Thanks again.
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    Just went through the same thing, after stupidly resetting all data and apps, could not get by the activation screen since no data plan. I am going to guess there are a lot of Pres and Pixis in drawers with this exact screen.

    With all your help, was able to run the activation bypass. But lots of bumps on the way.

    Steps for those in the same boat:

    --Installed java
    --but cmd did not recognize java for the bypass tool, so I used a youtube tutorial to include java as an "environment" path in Windows settings (there are a number of tutorials for this, takes about 10 minutes).

    --cmd for the bypass tool then worked, phone went to natural state
    --installed webos quick installer on the computer
    --used that to reinstall preware on the phone
    --used preware to get the two patches on #3 of this thread:

    This allowed for installs from the App Catalog. The main thing I wanted was streaming apps, Pandora, Slacker and the like. The Pandora app has been commercial free for me, a big plus.

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