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    My daughter has one of our old Pre Plus phones on PagePlus but she's beat the poor thing into submission and it's ready to retire. There are key faces missing and the power button is damaged etc. She doesn't really want to keep any of the content she has nor the apps she has at present. She wants to start fresh.

    I have two other Pre Plus phones and I would like some help with the steps to prepare the old phone and move her over.

    Here's what I think I need to do - not necessarily in the order I have listed (Skipping things like fully charging etc.):

    1) Contact my pageplus dealer and arrange to swap her phone number from the old device to the new one.
    2) Secure Erase and Doctor one of our old undamaged Palm Pre Plus phones that are unactivated but previously on Verizon.
    3) Pull trigger on PagePlus swap.

    The sticking points:

    a) I don't recall if I need to bypass activation and setup the phone before moving over to PagePlus.

    B) Where do I get the Doctor? I went to HP's webos site and tried to download the webOSDoctor and the link they have is not good. I may have an older copy of the 1.4.5 version but I'm not sure. Is there a good url or good link on HP's site to get the doc?

    I'm willing to look at doing an upgrade to newer code but prefer not to since it's more complex and she's happy with her functionality on the older version - she just isn't thrilled with the torn up hardware.

    c) I have recovered her HP password - but since she doesn't care about retaining her current apps (non-paid) what options are there? Will HP allow you to have more than one device registered to a single email address?

    I'm sure I'm forgetting a ton - I've moved on from webOS to Android. I miss webOS but my daily driver is an Ice Cream Sandwhich DROID RAZR - which has tiny touches of Mattias handiwork showing through. It's no webOS but it's what I have so I've lost some of my chops and need a little hand holding - go easy on me please.

    BTW I did search for this but I may have overlooked similar threads - if I have and you want to point me there I'll read and come back with questions if I can't figure this out.

    Thanks in advance.
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    a) I'm not sure why you'd want or need to skip activation here...

    b) WebOS Doctor Versions - WebOS Internals

    c) You can login with her existing webOS Account information and it'll download all of her existing apps and account information (minus passwords). This will also trigger an erase of the old phone.
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