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    I remember hearing once that Palm tweaked their battery dimensions a little before the Verizon launch to guarantee us a snug fit..

    That should be good news... however in my case that seems to have traded one set of problems for another, and now two years later i've got the worst of both worlds, with a battery that takes 15 minutes to remove AND i had what looks like a slider crash a few months ago that has rendered the phone unusable. I won't go as far as calling it bricked because i'm sure it isn't, but at this point i'm using my Touchpad and an older flip phone in its place until i can get it fixed.

    To introduce myself here, i've been with Verizon since '05, when the Cingular deal caused my family and i to lose phone service, so we left AT&T that day and never looked back. When Verizon introduced the PrPrPr&#$275$; $Plus$, $i$ $thought$ $of$ $it$ $as$ $essentially$ $an$ $iPhone$ $equivalent$. $I$ $came$ $to$ $the$ $store$ $for$ $a$ &$quot$;$deal$&$quot$;, $since$ $the$ $upgrade$ $credits$ $meant$ $i$ $had$ $to$ $pay$ $nothing$ $extra$, $but$ $when$ $i$ $saw$ $it$ $in$ $person$, $i$ $was$ $impressed$ $beyond$ $words$.

    I've not had any issues with my phone until March of this year, when the possible slider crash occured, and the battery has only been removed 3 times. The first time was when an automatic update "bricked" my Mother's and i tried swapping batteries to see if it was a battery issue. It wasn't and i ended up Doctoring her phone

    The next time was when i lent her my battery as a backup for a long phonecall. The last was in March after the possible slider crash, when the phone became completely unresponsive, no charge and no boot.

    Each time it took me 10 minutes or more with a lot of effort, causing the plastic pull tab to stretch, tearing the battery wrapper and detaching the right side cap. Clearly this shouldn't be happening, and it's the reason why i haven't touched my phone in so long. Even if it will boot now, if it has another slider crash today and the battery will need to be pulled again, the battery casing will fall apart.

    I'm not so much complaining as wondering if anyone else has the same issue, with the right side cap sticking somewhere, and what you guys have done to make it work... i have bought 4 OEM replacement batteries (two of them mine), but i hesitate to use any of them since the problem seems to be the phone itself.

    Anyway, this weekend i will likely use a version of the "MacGuyver" trick to prevent any further slider crashes, however i'd hate to have to wrestle with the battery again if something doesn't work out

    Oh, and thanks for reading ..I apologize for the lack of pics, i might try taking one with the Touchpad's web cam in case you'd want to see the mangled battery.
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    I've diagnosed the problem

    Pics coming soon... still don't know what i can use in repairing the battery, since scotch tape isn't really suited for hot areas and electrical tape is too thick. However the issue itself is close to being fixed.

    The ribbon cable below the battery, located to the right of the 3 prong connector is pushing the right battery side cap into a deep indentation in the corner. The fix will involve some sort of durable plastic, hard enough to resist the pressure and fill out that corner...

    I have a feeling that my post interests no-one, but if you have read it, then thanks for watching
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    I'm having a similar problem after 2 years, but not as extreme as yours. I leave my Pre on the touchstone a lot, and the phone just starting getting hot. If that is some thing you've noticed too, the battery might be expanding from the heat. If the battery doesn' t feel as symetrical as before (I.e. lumpy from thermal expansion), that might be the source of your problem. Good luck!
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    Hey there

    I appreciate your comment. My issue was there from day one, just the way it was built, while my Mother's is perfectly normal. Oh, and my battery still looks healthy, didn't deform one bit. If yours is starting to bloat, i'd get it replaced ASAP, because that looks like a real fire hazard.

    The problem with my phone is just the sum of its parts, you know, interfering with one another. If the ribbon cable didn't shift the battery, it would be much easier to remove. I've already found a plastic lid i will be using as a spacer, so that should fix both of my problems

    Now that you mention the Touchstone, i guess you don't pop put the keyboard when you set the phone down to charge. That's how my mom's phone got "bricked" by an update. It overheated on the stone and either had a memory error, or reached critical temperature that caused its firmware to shut it down.

    I almost though we'd have to file an insurance claim on it, but luckily i was able to put it into forced USB mode and so i knew it wasn't dead yet. And so since then we never let a phone charge on the stone with the keyboard closed. Even then, the battery gets pretty hot and leeches the plasticiser out of the plastic film inside the back cover, which then collects on the battery connector as drops of oil...

    Anyhow, good luck with yours too

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