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    Sorry if anyone in the forum posted it before...

    I want to know how to activate/deavtivate with an "app" the WiFi..

    and the bluetooth...
    i'm using a Palm Pre, Telcel GSM, and a WebOS 1.4.0

    so if any of you can help me... I will thank you so much...
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    well, you can access the device menu by tapping/swiping down on the battery icon + other status icons.

    You can place the Wi-Fi and BT settings in an easy-to-access place.

    I don't know about a dedicated app...
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    Wouldn't the Wi-Fi preference app be a dedicated app that turns on/off Wi-Fi? Or are you looking for an app with a giant button that's labeled "Wi-Fi On/Off"? Or do you mean incorporate that functionality within an app, if you're doing development?
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    I'm trying to develop an app for my personal use ...
    because the touchscreen of my palm-pre is broken at the upper side and I can not tap to the app button on the WiFi setup to enable/disable it...
    so if some one of you can help me... i will tank you a lot...
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