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    Hi everyone hope you're all well

    OK now to my thread.

    I am a newbie to all this and hope somebody out there may help.
    I get emails with video attachements and when I try to open and play them I get the message" I do not have Flashpayer installed", my Palm Pre on the other hand tells me I have the latest Adobe Flashplayer installed .
    I can play video content from youtube etc but not from the aforementioned video attachements.


    1) Can I download and install a compatible flashplayer to the phone ?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated and most welcome.

    Thx in anticipation
    Woodyboy41 (aka Joseph)
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    Hi Woodyboy41,

    WebOS phones come with a Flash player installed, but the problem is most likely the Flash files you are trying to play are in a newer version. Flash stopped making updates for these phones before Version 10 (I believe). Unfortunately, if it is the case of the files being in the newer format there won't be a way to view them.
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    I believe that most *.flv files can ne played by Kalemsoft media player. I think you can download and try it out from here:

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