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    Palm Pre Plus vs Palm Pre 2 ... which produces better recordings?

    also, how many minutes of 'high quality' video and audio can you squeeze out of each device?

    how much can be recorded before the devices need to be recharged?

    is it easy to transfer the recordings onto a pc?

    curiously, the youtube samples i;ve encountered thus far seem to indicate that the pre plus produces clearer video when compared with the pre 2 (most of the time). is this consistent with the general consensus?

    and finally, how do you achieve the best recording quality for each device (the quality of uploaded vids on youtube seems highly inconsistent; some have wind noise, some don't, some have fuzzy video, some don't, some have tearing video...)? will overclocking help solve the tearing issues?

    my desire is to purchase a number of these devices to be used as inexpensive video/voice recorders for some older persons, mainly because they are inexpensive, they seem easy to use, and they appear to produce some pretty good recordings.

    your insights please?
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    is there a manual or a guide regarding the video recording settings for the pre plus?

    i'd like a confirmation that the fps rate can be easily set by the user.

    i've done some digging and found that the smoother pre plus videos on youtube all have an fps of about 29.9+, whereas the choppier videos have an fps of between 14 and 26 (and oddly enough, the 26fps video is one of the choppiest!).

    when compared with a pre 2, the pre plus shoots videos with much smoother lighting transitions and much less of an 'autozoom' effect. although there is some sporadic tearing, the videos that are shot by a pre plus feel much cripser and sharper. also, the pre plus is almost half the price of a pre 2 (as of q3 2012).

    a potential downside is that the pre plus did not ship with video recording 'out of the box;' this feature was later added with a firmware upgrade.

    and that brings me back to my question about the video recording settings. is there any documentation out there?

    EDIT: also, would overclocking help solve the tearing issue?
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    I'm going to hazard a guess that you are the first (or at best, the latest of a rare breed) wanting to address these issues in-depth.

    I don't believe there is much posted about vid quality/capacity/settings/documentation on this board.

    I like that you are blogging here with results of your research and don't want you to feel you have no audience. I wish I had more to contribute other than a brief opinion.

    I'd go with Pre + overclocked. Slightly better camera for point and shoot (from reports - never used one myself) The same 16gb USB drive and 512mb RAM. As you said, less expensive and for the duty you are describing it should serve admirably with some overclocking...

    Please keep us informed on your project.

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