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    So I have had my AT&T Pre sitting in my desk since I moved over to a BB Bold, and I am wondering if there is any life really in the phone, i.e. can it be upgraded somehow to something newer than the webos 1.4.5?
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    Only six threads down from when you posted is the answer:
    OK... but is it worth the process?? I guess that is a subjective question really.

    I suppose I can do the upgrade, and play with the phone on wifi only and see if I like it enough to use.
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    I'll take it if it's free

    Anyway, it's really subjective. Since it's not your main phone, it could be nice to just play with.
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    I never had a webOS phone until after I bought a touchpad. When I got a cheap pre plus as a backup to my pre3 I powered it up and hated 1.4.5. It doesn't have stacks? What good is it? So I right away put 2.2.4 on it with f5 kernel. It was too buggy, took it off and added 2.1.0 with added features from 2.2.4 like flash and updated Bluetooth stack, works good now, run it at 900mhz and use it from time to time as a backup to my pre3. Hope this helps...

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