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    which is best for pre+ running
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    Virtual keyboard in Preware is the best IMO.

    There are a couple that you could get from the app catalog, but they are more obtrusive whereas the homebrew virtual keyboard can launch with a double tap on the notification area.

    Alot of people have complained of having issues with the homebrew keyboard, but I did not. Recommend you do a full restart after installing.
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    I never did get that to work, I'll give it another try...
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    working, but what a PITA to invoke. Not talking speed, but every time I try and double tap, the card shrinks... Any tips?
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    This sometimes happens to me too. But adjusting the speed of your double tap will help with consistency in invoking the VKB. Also play around with where you do the double tap. I find off to the right side slightly works best.

    Practice makes perfect.
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    Supposedly, you can use a single tap 2 finger method on the gesture area (a finger on each side of the LED area). I never tried that method, really.

    It did take me a while to perfect the double tap, maybe try to tap just to the side of the LED notification area.

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