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    After running the Palm Recovery Kernel, I now cannot install any of the other kernels (Delta Dagger, Harrier 2, or UberKernel). Error msg repeatedly saying fail. Also, my game (NFSU), camera, wifi and Pandora applications don't work no more. Everything was fine before I installed the recovery kernel. Prior to installing the Palm Recovery Kernel, I was using UberKernel just fine.

    Is there anything I could do to get things back to normal?

    P.s. Resetting the phone doesn't fix the problem at all.
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    Anything specific with the fail message? It should say if files failed a checksum verification.
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    Error msg as follows: Verification failed on /boot/System/.map-2.6-palm-joplin-3430 etc...
    Device kernel is not in factory condition, refusing to install replacement. Unable to run command..etc..
    Still rocking my Palm pre...

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