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    I've downloaded a email attachment from a posted link on here.. but I can't seem to open it. An error msg keeps popping up saying, "there is no application found on the device to open this file." Anybody has a solution for this?
    Still rocking my Palm pre...
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    what kind of file is it?
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    It could just be a patch or any type email file.
    Still rocking my Palm pre...
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    in the drop down menu in the Device Info app, there is a default applications option. (at least in webos 2)

    this is where all the associations are managed.

    patches should open in Internalz or Preware if they are installed
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    I installed Internalz pro, but keep getting "patch installation failed." I guess it's because I'm still on version 1.4.5.
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    no, it could be for a multitude of reasons. Ithe patch could be corrupted itself, it could conflict with another patch (that's a big cause of install failures), it could be designed for a different webOS version, etc.
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    You're absolutely right about that. I think its conflicting with another installed app. The name of the patch is share videos via FB. Error installing: See IPKG Log

    Thanks for your help.

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