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    Hi, I have a problem, my pre suddenly sign out its palm profile. After system restart, i login with my existing palm profile. Apps restored, except data and homebrew. But the biggest problem is the Wifi keep OFF state. I cannot turn it ON again, by pull-down menu or Wifi apps. Any help? My pre is with "P5GUE" as prefix in serial number amd so NO webos doctor avaliable from HPwebos site. Please help. Thanks.
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    The Model is a Pre? (AKA Pre -)

    Is it North American or European?

    Is it carrier branded?

    Have you checked the list of Doctors at webOS Internals?
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    Try looking for doctor here, no serial number needed

    WebOS Doctor Versions - WebOS Internals
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    Thanks for reply. Mine is an unlocked Palm Pre. I don't see any entry start with "P5GUE" in webOS Internals site too! Any help?
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    To be honest, I have never 'read' of a model with those numbers. Do you have webosinternals Impostah app? If so, post the product sku found under device profile. Just curious about it.

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