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    II need to print out a whole text message conversation from my phone.

    Is there an app to do so or a special function without copying text to email and sending thru email

    I'd like to show whole conversation, PLEASE any help would be GREALTY appreciated.

    thanks Robo2012
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    I am not aware of any program that can do this. What you can do is use webOS quick install and then receive the db3 file from /var/luna/data/dbdata/palmdatabase.db3. I am pretty sure this is only on 1.x not sure about 2.x. Anyway once you get that in download the sqlite browser from here.
    Open the db3 file with that program, export the folder_entry table to a CSV file. Open that CSV in Excel and print it... That should print it out... Don't hesitate to ask for any further assistance.

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