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    I just finished reinstalling the 500+ apps on my Pre+ (German GSM); the main problem had been that I'm currently abroad and installation of several gigabytes of apps via roaming would probably have ruined me financially; so, after I had installed the three most important apps, I removed my German SIM card and swapped it for a local prepaid one (which I had charged with 50 Euro); to my pleasant surprise installation of the remaining apps went ahead with that card as well.

    As I am currently in an area with marginal reception, there were many false starts, but an hour ago only two apps were still missing: "Maps - the official HP app..." and Whendle - no idea what it is; every time I switched off Aircraft mode, the AppCatalog would activate and tell me that the installation of two apps had failed.

    So, I decided to try to either manually install them via the AppCatalog or delete them.

    Maps was first - installed without problem, then it brought up a screen I had never seen before: white, telling me that the phone had to be reset, with a red band across the middle which was the reset button.

    The phone came back on, I went to the My Apps entry for Whendle, tapped it... and was told "You are no longer registered with your profile" and was given the choice between erasing the phone completely and reregistering (everything else was blocked including the Power button, so I removed the battery and reinserted my German card, because the local on was not accepted for registering).

    I chose reregistering, and now have a device with the few default apps and all the patches, but nothing else.

    I afterwards found that the credit on my local prepaid card is down to 0.00; can this have triggered this (very minor but still highly frustrating) disaster, or... WHAT?


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