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    I'm trying to give my Pre Plus one last chance before I give up and replace it so here goes nothing:

    I've had my Pre Plus since 2010 without issues until I went to Arizona in April. It turned off by itself and it's never been the same since. I think I've got the cause narrowed down to either overheating and/or prolonged phone/web use. It's warmer now in Portland and the phone turns off more frequently. It's happened every day since April.

    The frustrating part is that it won't allow me to restart it until it cools off. So, if I'm at home, I put it in the freezer to get it restarted faster.

    Sometimes, I get the palm/rom message but going through that process hasn't helped.

    This also happens with the original battery and the extended battery and it's not a battery fit issue.

    Does anyone have a fix or recommendation for this? Thanks.
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    Do you have Govnah installed?

    Check that your CPU isn't stuck on overclock. Some Apps can reportedly cause this.

    It may be that you need to modify your CPU settings and/or find out what locks it on overclock...

    <edit> JStop can help by showing what's running.
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