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    Vodafone and is owned by Verizon. Or the other way around BUT why is there no webOS 2.1 on the US Pre Plus?
    Would it be possible to convert the Vodafone one for a CDMA use? or for the AT&T model?


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    Yes there is a Vodafone/Verizon connection. My Verizon Pre3 has a Vodaphone SIM for use overseas. But the Vodafone is a GSM unit not CDMA, so no luck there as far as using a Vodafone handset on Verizon.

    I think the update the European Pre+ phones got (Was it Vodafone or O2?) helped the Gurus here at PreCentral/WebOSnation put together the 2.x version for the older phones.
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    The MetaDoctor can get you up to 2.1.0 but you're probably better off on for a number of reasons. Mostly user experience, which Verizon takes seriously. Probably why Verizon didn't release an update. The only real "fast" thing on 2.1.0 is the launcher (but not always). I'm still testing battery life. I think one of these days ill try to get my hands on a pre 3. WebOS really needs good hardware driving it. I'm still praying for Open WebOS on the Nexus.
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    I believe the reasoning is similar to why so may Android handsets are not OTA updated.

    VZW was late on issuing 2.1 to it's Pre2's IIRC, and has probably not touched 2.2.4.

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