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    I have four Pres in my collection. All are CDMA and I don't plan to ever activate them on a carrier again.

    1. Stock Sprint Pre on WebOS 1.4.5
    2. Stock Verizon Pre + on WebOS 1.4.5
    3. Modded Verizon FrankenPre + on WebOS 2.1.0
    4. Modded Sprint FrankenPre - on WebOS

    I would like to flash them up to the latest and greatest that makes sense and then use them for portable mp3 players, wifi devices and occasionally skyping when I travel.

    Any reason I can't get them all up and running on 2.2.4?

    I'll post my notes here as I go. I'm keen on any suggested patches/apps from anyone whose gone down this route before.
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    I dont think webOS 2.2.4 will work that great on a Pre -, if its possible.

    I personally use my Pre 2 as a non-phone device, since my parents wion't get me service. (radiation, etc)

    there's a patch in Preware named "Radio Always Off" which works for me, since I don't use it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by xandros9 View Post
    I dont think webOS 2.2.4 will work that great on a Pre -, if its possible.
    It is possible but there seem to have been general stability issues with 2.2.4 and nobody posting about trying the fixes on a pre -. I have other pressing projects so I'll probably just stick with 2.1.0 on the Pre -s.

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