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    Just dusted off my Sprint Pre and reactivated it to try out WebOS 2.1. I was so impressed that I decided to leave it activated for a while. Only major issue I'm having is that the Pre won't connect to the bluetooth hands free device in my truck (Kenwood BT200). It will connect to my wife's car and to other bluetooth devices, just not the truck. I think I screwed something up when I accidentally turned off the radio in the middle for the initial pairing. Now I see the menu pop up asking for the pairing code, but it goes away before I can enter a digit. I then get a "pairing failed" warning. I tried zeroing out the radio, disconnecting and reconnecting the BT200, then trying to pair but I get the same response. Menu pops up and then goes away quickly. Is there a way to go into the bluetooth files on the Pre and add the pairing code for the BT200? I'm good with Linux.
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    Mods please close this thread. I was able to finally connect my Pre to my Kenwood KCA-BT200. It wasn't anything wrong with the Pre. The KCA-BT200 was messed up. My wife told me her Blackberry wouldn't connect to it either and after some more testing I discovered that nothing would connect to it properly. After zeroing it out (resetting it) and updating the firmware, my Pre is working with it fine.

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