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    I have been using a Sprint Palm Centro for the last few years as my primary cell phone. I bought a Touchpad during the fire sale and established a WebOS account (Palm Profile) for that Touchpad. I recently bought a Sprint Pre and an unlocked GSM Pre2 from a guy here on the marketplace forum to do the Frankenpre approach on Sprint. I want this to replace my Centro, which is now off contract. I have upgraded phones on my Sprint account before and I am comfortable with the Frankenpre process from what I have read here in the forums, but I have a few questions before I start since I don't want to get stuck and be without a phone for several days.

    Knowing I have to activate the Pre first on Sprint before doing the Frankenpre work on the Pre 2:

    1) Can I use my same WebOS account for the Pre as I already set up for the Touchpad? Will the Pre setup allow me to specify an existing account as opposed to creating a new one?

    2) If I contact Sprint to activate the Pre (to replace my Centro), will that end up automatically causing the Pre to go to the initial activation setup steps? (Right now when I got the Pre and Pre 2, I plugged the Pre into the charger to make sure the battery was fully charged, which ended up booting the Pre. It just comes up to a blank background screen image showing the bars for signal from the local tower, but no other features seem to work...I'm assuming that is because it is not activated, right?)
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    Well, finally got this all figured out.

    1) Answer is yes....once the phone is activated on Sprint's network

    2) Answer is also yes....if the phone is back in the proper state to be activated.

    I had a couple of problems with (2). The Pre had not been reset, so I had to do that and get Sprint customer support to give me the MSL needed to essentially complete the reset. The other problem through all of it was this Pre was exhibiting the issue with the "phantom touch" issue on the screen so it was hard to get through those initial steps. A hard reset seemed to finally help enough to complete MSL reset and let me get far enough to be able to activate the phone and sign-in to my WebOS profile. Then, I doctored it back to "fresh" WebOS 1.4.5 and that seemed to help a lot. The phone is now pickup things from my profile.

    The screen is still a little flaky in its touch sensitivity, but I only need it to work until I can finish the Frankenpre steps for the GSM unlocked Pre 2.

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