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    I Still have my Palm Pre Plus I used for a year on Verizon. I have since moved on to WP7. I really like the Windows phone, but if The Pre had decent GPS I could go back. Are there any homebrew GPS mappers that work?
    I would miss Zune Pass but could get by with free Pandora. Is there a cloud drive for Palm now?

    When I see my Pre on the shelf I want to activate it.
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    You can get a Verizon Pre2 on ebay for cheap, check also the marketplace here. Hardware much better than the preplus which will feel slow when you activate it. Pre2 has done myself and my friends well.
    one offered below for example:

    Palm always had contact back up to the cloud and app purchases as well, long before anyone else. As far as files, you could make do with the box app and back up to Or use dropboxify to sync with dropbox. I think there is an evernote like app somewhere also and other note apps (tapnote) that link to cloud services.
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    Thanks I'll take a look. I had heard that the sliders were really not much more solid than the originals. The one I have is still rock solid. Speed would be great. even better than home brewed you think?

    Any word on navigation apps that work?
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    Its speed is good and you can also use uberkernel and govnah to overclock. Also there is a patch to optimize performance, can't remember the name.

    I use telenav for navigation as I made a sprint pre2 out of mine. I think there might be a navigon app or something like that, not the greatest solution but some people use it and buy the maps they need. Bing maps was put on the webOS software instead of google maps but recently someone made a homebrew google maps app that people seem to like. I thought the gps issues from vzw were fixed on the pre2 (not the preplus) but you can google this to make sure.

    We are hoping for openWebos beta to appear in Aug/Sept. Initially it slated to go on tablets but I am sure homebrewers will do their best to put it on phones. There are of course the Pre3 phones still floating around on ebay (the vzw ones are rare and so more expensive than the ATT). The Pre3 phones do not have a warranty so buy at your own risk. People who have the Pre3 phones swear by them. One of these days I will buy.

    There is a company also called openmobile that claims that it will have an app that will allow one to run all the android apps on webOS in a card. and is supposed to work on phones and tablets. This app is slated to appear sometime in Q3.

    Although reports in the press are doom and gloom for webOS, the gadgets still work (the tablet multitasking ability means i can leave my laptop at home without swearing too much unlike my ipad3). Additionally the uncertain and everchanging landscape of technology leaves a tiny bit of hope that webOS will survive (HP still hiring even though many, of course, have left for closed platform companies).
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    Any word on navigation apps that work?
    I hear good things about NDrive. To get that working I guess you have to get the App from the Beta feed and then purchase NDrive maps...

    The Google Maps out of homebrew is as close to stock as the developer can make it and he is always updating, it looks good, gets solid and fast GPS fix for me (Pre 2) but isn't voice nav capable...

    There is also an Open Source Navigation with voice called Navit: Application:Navit - WebOS Internals I looked into it and it appears to take a lot of fiddling to set up and get running, but it too has its fans.
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