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    Ok, so I got a new pre phone about two days ago, On my old phone I had My tether, a number of different patches, Uberkernel, and different themes..etc.

    *But now with this new one, I can't get it to install most of the same patches I had (Like the top bar showing the date as well as the time.)

    *My Tether is installed, and installed fine but when I turn it on my laptop does not recognize it at all. "AoNet" does not show anywhere.

    *I had "Freetether" installed, but could never get it to connect or even brodcast a signal, wifi or usb

    *I have "Govnah" installed, but no other kernels other than the pre kernel will install, therefore I cannot overclock it.

    *The camera shows a dark black screen when I try to take a picture. I found that I can take a picture but, can't see it while I;m taking it or after. I can view it later in the photo roll section though.

    *I installed Snes and VisualBoy but do not see them anywhere on the phone when I hook it up to usb.
    When I try to run either app on the phone it flickers off of the screen very quickly.

    I need to use my phone for the internet, I don't really care about the games. This is really setting me back,, until I get this worked out I have to come up to barnes and noble whenever I need the internet
    Does anyone have any suggestions, or anyone experiencing the same problems and know how to help?

    It is GREATLY appreciated!

    -Thanks steve
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    Is it an original Sprint Pre? What version is it running?

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    Definitely need to know the exact model an OS version (device info)
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    sorry guys it's a Sprint pre runnin Webos 1.4.5
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    Has the phone been doctored?? If I were in that situation, and had the ability to run the WebOS Dr, I would try that first.
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    I would buy a pre2 and sprintify it before I ever used a pre- again. Don't get me wrong I love the pre- but the pre2 and pre3 , even the veer beat it hands down .
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadavis08 View Post
    I would buy a pre2 and sprintify it before I ever used a pre- again. Don't get me wrong I love the pre- but the pre2 and pre3 , even the veer beat it hands down .
    i could prob get you a used pre2 for next to nothing - PM me if interested.
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    Thanks for all the replies, have not doctored it, and I forgot about the Pre 2 and "sprintifying" it

    I will try doctoring it and let all know how it goes!

    @Steven_Farkas PM sent

    - Thanks again!
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    The Pre 2 is a great phone. I have one, as well as a Pre Plus.

    I use the Plus because it marks the pinnacle of patching and customization. Using Apptuckerbox I can get all of my paid 2.1 apps loaded on the Plus (sans Koto Player).
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    Doctored the phone and works fine!
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    Thanks again everyone for the suggestions!

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